HP Pavillion dv6700 power acting weird?


Nov 1, 2013
This has been happening for two months my HP dv6700 suddenly died one evening I turned it on and it fully powered on and then just shut off and now my battery only charges when laptop is off when the laptop is on the laptop charges three times then stops charging the laptop works on ac power (no battery) but turns off after 10 mins on that mode when on high performance so will getting a new battery fix this issue (just to let you know the battery is six years old) or is my psu fried?
on old laptops can be three or four point if failure. one is a broken wire in the ac adptore cords. or the ac brick is going bad. the worst failure pint is a broken soilder joint or broken power plug on the laptop system board. with a six year old battery your battery may have shorted out.