HP Presario C304NR display shows rows of vertical lines


Sep 21, 2015
I replaced the hinges on a Presario laptop. Now the display does not function. No diagnostic beeps occur during post so boot thinks things are OK. The display has 5 rows of fine vertical colored lines on startup. The machine appears to go through normal start up of the operating system. Drive spins, wireless lights come on, I hear the speakers click as I would as if everything was OK.

I have replaced hinges before and had no problems.

Can anyone please help direct me to where the fault might lie.

Thank you,
Hi Brad,

Have double checked the flex cables that connects the LCD display to the motherboard? Because if it's not seated properly you'll end up with that situation you have right now. Try reseating the flex cables and see if it makes any difference with the display. Also do check if it has any damage or broken lines that could also cause that same problem.