HP Probook 4515s - RAM problem


Nov 5, 2016
I have a HP Probook 4515s and when I turn it on all I get is black screen.
At first I thought this is Graphics chip problem, which is common problem with this series,
but then I realised it's all about RAM.

There is bottom slot ( 2GB DDR2 ) and top slot ( 1 GB DDR2 )
When I remove the one on the top, 1GB piece, laptop boots normally.
When I put the 2 GB tile in the top slot, I get black screen.
I repeated the same with 1GB and looks like the top RAM slot is the problem.

But, what happened yesterday: I gave one more shot with a 1GB tile in the slot that doesn't work and then laptop started normally, but when I removed it and placed it black, it doesn't work again.

2GB is not enough for me, and 4GB DDR2 tile is almost the same price as a new motherboard in my country :(

Is there any solution to fix this or the RAM slot is destroyed? Visually it looks okay, there is nothing un-soldered nor something looks burnt.

Please help!


Question from JethroHeep : "HP Probook 4515s black screen - RAM problem"