HP ProBook 4530s (purchased new in 2012)

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Jun 25, 2016
Hi all ,

First things first , i what to say that i found many answers here , but i never would believe that i will ask for help here XD.

My laptop is old.Today i was playing a game and something happened , my screen goes black with horizontal WHITE lines and then i can`t remember did i restarted laptop or did he auto restarted.
After that i was not able to load Windows , after loading screen monitor go black for indefinitely long..(i waited 10 minutes).
I am tech person so i am seeking for problem.

Facts we know:

1.most recently i reset BIOS password (forgotten BIOS password)
2.laptop is old , something DIED( pls no :***)
3.I managed to turn on laptop by selecting "Disable switchable graphics method" in BIOS (because my first suspicion in GPU died)
4.when i go to device manager , THERE IS NO ATI RADEON HD 7470M in display adapters ???
5.there IS Intel HD family 3000 adapter(working)
6.there is an option in device manager "show hidden devices" check that , ati driver is transparent , right click > properties :"Currently, this hardware device is not connected to the computer. (Code 45)
To fix this problem, reconnect this hardware device to the computer."
This is laptop i dint even disconnected it , i think that it is not even possible ???!

7.did my GPU just died? +RIP+
Not open for further replies.