Hp touchpad acting unusual


May 8, 2011
My touchpad after some use of time (i dnt think is time matter but at some point) stops working correctly).Left and right buttons still work but double taping or even taping on pad surfice dont react-have to use buttons, scrolling stops working and I was enabled the dynamic movement or smtg-it makes cursor move after u lift finger for some distance, so that stops working too. I have tom restart pc all the time to solve these issues and its really anoying. Can u help me?


Jun 21, 2011
Here is an interested email exchange I had with one of my customers.
Just an FYI for anyone looking at both the Ipad and Touchpad.

So far these are the difference that I have noticed between the Apple iPad and the HP TouchPad:

1. Out of the box the HP works. The iPad requires you to connect it to an iTunes equipped computer and log into your iTunes account in order to activate the system. To be fair, the TouchPad also requires an account – in this case an HP WebOS account. Both are free but the HP can be done independently via WiFi and does not require another system to function.
Answer: Minimal impact.

2. The HP has only two virtual keyboards, not three. On the iPad letters are one keyboard, numbers are the second and special characters are the third. The HP has letters and numbers on the first and special characters on the second. Having the numbers on the same keyboard as the letters is a major benefit for me as I use both frequently. The iPad’s virtual keys are larger, though, and easier to type on. One would have to get used to the smaller keys on the TouchPad but it wouldn’t be that hard to do.
Answer: good to know.

3. Flash works on the TouchPad. I went to Disney.com on both and the HP handles all of the video and sounds and the page looks great. On the iPad I get a static screen and am offered the option of buying a $9.99 ap to enable the flash elements. Sadly, this seems to be unique to Disney as another website, JustinTV, has its own $9.99 ap in order to function; again not needed on the HP.
Answer: Apple’s Achilles heal.

4. Video quality on the iPad is sharper, clearer, and the overall screen is nicer to look at. Screen resolution is a clear win on the iPad side.
Answer: Always been their strong suit.

5. E-Mail – Both connect to my Exchange server and work quite well. I do like the layout on the iPad better.
Answer: Ok

6. Calendar – The HP can sync my Exchange calendar via WiFi. The iPad requires me to connect it to my desktop and sync the calendar via iTunes.
Answer: True, True,, that is a small set back, but ITunes is pretty nice.

7. Angry Birds (this is a game): Both have this ap but the HP gives you the full version for free and the iPad only gives you the ad-based free version. The no ads version is much more fun to play. I loaded this to test the screen response time with finger flicks – the two systems are equal.
Answer: I am an Angry Birds fan, all boards complete with 3 Stars. 

8. QuickOffice – a nice ap that I paid $14.99 to get on the iPad. It allows you to create Work, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. It was free and pre-installed on the HP.
Answer: good to know,,, There weren’t any free aps to accomplish the same?

9. The HP will print to any wireless printer. The iPad requires an Apple compatible printer or a $9.99 ap to print to other wireless printers.
Answer: I can print at home from my IPhone using an HP 8000 printer. App= HP Print. (free I think)

10. From a cold shut down (not sleep mode) the iPad is ready to be used in about 45 seconds. The HP took over 1 minute to be ready to use.
Answer: Apple has always rocked this category

11. From sleep mode the iPad is nearly instantaneous in being ready to use – the HP took about 5 seconds to be ready to use.
Answer: Not bad for HP

12. Battery – the HP lasts about 9 hours; the iPad lasts a little over 10 hours.
Answer: Very Close

13. Charge time – the HP charges in about half the time of the iPad.
Answer: That surprises me..

14. Multi-tasking: The HP will keep all aps up and running with easy toggling between them. The iPad closes all aps to open others except for the iPod ap and Pandora radio. It can keep audio going but closes everything else.
Answer: True, True…. Websites it keeps open, but apps do close.

15. Internet: The HP runs the full pages, the iPad uses the mobile pages.
Answer: Good to know.

16. Ap loading: The iPad loads aps much faster. The HP loads quickly, too, but the iPad is clearly the winner here.
Answer: HP apps are android based?

17. Loading new aps: iPad requires the account password to lad free aps, the HP does not require the password. This could be good or bad depending on the situation. And, I have seen that the HP free Ap site has LOTS of questionable free aps – might be a bad situation in a school setting. The iPad has similar things but requires that password.
Answer: I do find that part a little annoying, but oh well.

Thanks for the time to break it down…
These is really good feedback.

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