HP255 processor upgrade


No, the CPU is BGA(soldered to the motherboard). You'd have to replace the whole motherboard for one that has a faster cpu and fits your system. Not going to be cheap and likely the small performance boost is not going to be worth the price.


No. All modern laptop have APUs / CPUs that are soldered into the motherboard. It has been this way since 2014, maybe 2013. Prior to that AMD and Intel produce two separate type of CPUs; ones that would go into a socket (and potentially be upgraded), and ones that are designed to be soldered into the motherboard. There are some boutique laptops that have desktop CPUs in them and are replaceable / upgradeable, but "boutique" typically means not many are manufactured and they are expensive.

Basically speaking, laptops only allow you to upgraded the RAM (unless it is soldered into the motherboard, and the storage. There are a few specific gaming laptop models that costs $1,400+ which do allow you to upgrade the GPU. But there are not many of them and the GPU themselves would be very expensive. These are MXM format GPUs.