HTC Not Moving Away From Android

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Jan 23, 2012
Who the hell is Woodward? You only mentioned a Wall Street analyst called Shaw Wu but you just threw the name Woodward out of nowhere. A good article always gives a small introduction to any new names mentioned. Seriously Zak, who did you blow to get this job?


Feb 22, 2010
Why bother with continuos shooting if all the images sucks....they should focus on making a better camera which can match say 90% of the Lumia 920....then they can tout to have the best camera on Android platform. HTC don't have much selling points on Android nowadays and simply can't hope to catch up with Samsung if they don't have some concerete selling points.

I doubt they can do better with Windows Phone with Nokia around....seriously, if i buy a Windows Phone, Nokia is the only choice...since it's all the same in terms of UI and most specs except the camera!


while im against apple in nearly anything, htc has made great quality phones. they might not have the best of the best, that usualy goes to samsung, but they take that runner up seat quite well.


Well look at the new HTC Droid DNA. It has rounded corners. They probably signed the deal because they are sick of all of Apple's bullshit and just want to develop phones.


Feb 2, 2012
[citation][nom]Kami3k[/nom]No HTC phones for me.I suggest everyone do the same, then Apple gets zero money by default.[/citation]
Well, due to my unsatisfactory experience with my current HTC 7 Trophy, I sure as hell won't be getting another HTC. Not to mention I'd be giving CrApple money if I did.
Besides, I've always wanted a Lumia 800/900. Looking forward to getting a 920 after my current contract is finished.


HTC is a company in decline at the moment. They're making compromises on the newest devices and cannot provide timely updates and/or OS upgrades for the devices they have out now. Customer support is almost non-existent when you ask about hold-ups for promised OS upgrades or software fixes. The latest blunders with the Driod DNA are proof that they have compromised too much. the Droid DNA features a short battery life, no expandable storage, no removable battery, 16 GB internal storeage (only option) and HTC is telling everyone to use cloud storage on metered data plans. That just isn't acceptable in many consumers eyes. It's no wonder their profits are going down the drain.


May 22, 2009
HTC should put a user replaceable battery in your flagship phones and their phone sale might go up. Stop imitating iCrap. People who consider buying your phones are not the iTard types. Imitate Samsung.
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