HTC One M9+ Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 4.


Nov 13, 2011
I've spent 6+ hours researching phones and have narrowed it down to these two.

If it matters, I'm coming from a Pantech Renue P6030, which I have had for 32 months. Prior to that, I had a Sony Ericson flip phone for 4 years. I don't change phones frequently IMO.

I mostly use my phone for texting, with some calls. And a few times a month, checking email. Or a few times a month, browsing for something which will take < 1 min.

I like the OS that was on the Pantech (BrewMP), but have wanted something more widely supported the next time I got a new phone. I did like how I could use it for 5-6 days with light usage without charging it.

I had also wanted something technologically recent (released within the past year), since I was getting a new phone and plan to use it for several years.

I doubt I'll watch videos or streaming games on the phone, even though I can, just because I don't enjoy watching things on the go, compared to on my couch on the TV. But decided to look for phones with top resolution, anyways.

I also liked the external memory both supported.

I also plan to still use my point-and-shoot camera when I go to shows or games, because I like using its manual settings, and continuous mode options. And I like the way it takes pictures in low light conditions. I'm happy with the job it does. I don't want to stop using it. But if I don't have it and I want something quick, then I will use my phone. The video on my new phone should be better than my camera though, so I will probably give preference to video on the new phone, vs. my point-and-shoot camera (only 720p).

I did want a front facing camera, and both of these have that.

Anyways, onto comparing these phones. Here's some differences I see:

HTC One M9+

* Aluminum body (should be sturdier)
* Dual LED Flash
* 20 MP rear camera vs. 16 for Galaxy Note 4

Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

* Wireless charging available
* Larger capacity battery (3220 mAh vs. 2840)
* Replaceable battery
* Stylus

It's nice that the Galaxy Note 4 has wireless charging, but I don't know if I'll ever get it. Maybe. Getting a wireless back is $25-30, then another $30 for the wireless pad. If I find that I really want the accessories, I'll get it, but as of now, I can probably live without it.

As for the stylus, I read on the pros of using one. I don't care much about fingerprint smudges on the screen. I clean it when it needs to be cleaned, and its never bothered me.

And as for making navigation easier, I'll have to see. I've usually don't get frustrated with navigating touch screens, or wish for better precision. So the stylus is nice, but not a must-have for me.

Is there anything else I should consider? And what do you think I should pick?

Thanks for your time.