Huawei Mate 10 Pro Review: Amazingly Smart Camera, Epic Battery Life

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Dec 8, 2013
The article was excellent (I'm rather a Huawei fan), but failed to review the connectivity of the phone. Specifically - and especially in T-Mobile's case - buyers are going to be increasingly aware of whether a phone has the requisite hardware and software to support extended range (1GB) LTE. This is being rolled out *now* to about 500 metropolitan areas (including our own Spokane area ...and we ain't that big lol). understanding is the hardware currently requires the Snapdragon 735, four-branch antenna diversity and four physical antennas laid into the phone to support 4x4 MIMO, the Qualcomm Snapdragon X16 gigabit LTE modem, and 256QAM down and 64QAM up.

Does Huawei have a supported equivalent in their current lineup?

...this has already affected my next smartphone choice (I'm in the market *now*).

Frankly, I'm not willing to buy a phone at this price point that doesn't support this tech' *now*.

...I'd love for it to be a Huawei (we own a couple of the mid-range Honors, and have been *quite* happy with them). But. No fast LTE support? - Not interested. I'd hope Tom's would start making inclusion of fast LTE support "de rigueur" for flagship phones going forward.

My two bits. Thanks.
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