Discussion Huawei P30 Pro Advice for Beginner?

Jul 13, 2019
I've never owned a smart phone in my life, so bear with me. I decided it's time to get a smart phone partly because I'd like to use it as a hotspot to connect my laptop (a MacBook Pro) to the Internet. I was also shopping for a digital camera, when I learned about Huawei's awesome new photographic capabilities.

First question: Does anyone know if there's a location in Seattle where I can actually handle a Huawei smart phone and ask questions about it?

Second question: About how much do you think it would cost me a month for basic service plus the ability to connect my laptop to the Internet? What carrier do you recommend?

Third question: How safe is it to buy a Huawei given Donald Trump's war against the company? Do I risk somehow losing my service or support?

Sorry for all the questions. If you can answer just one, it would be a help. I have a lot to learn about smart phones and cameras.

I can't say a location in that area to check one out. I would suggest you look up what carrier/service provider actually carry that phone and then contact one of their local stores.

As to the cost, well if you go through a regular carrier/service provider , and are planning on using it for a hotspot, first you will need to make sure that the carrier/service provider you are using doesn't block that ability on their phones. They may on all, they may not on all or they may only on some. No way to tell without looking at the phone and/or asking the carrier/service provider.

Also, the cost could be huge, if they do allow the phone to be a hotspot, depending on your plan. Computers use a lot more data than phones. If your plan is unlimited then I would still check the data limits. There is often a hidden amount they consider the max and going over that leads to lower speeds. Some places will also not cut you off it you hit a limit on your plan, but will again lower the speed. However, most of the major carriers, well they will just keep charging you or cut off the data. Those can get insane in cost. So I would check all that first.

The only way you would risk your access to a warranty is if the company is banned from the country or say goes out of business.

Personally I don't care for their devices, and the sneaky stuff that has been found on some bothers me even more. So you should be careful in your choosing.

Also, remember the amount of space they say the phone has is the amount before anything was put on it. So make sure it actually has enough free space for what you want.
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