Huwaei NOVA 3i

Apr 24, 2019
My phone was sent to a repair shop without me knowing. My phone was damaged due to coffee spill and the screen is not functioning, all I see is white screen. Now it was sent to a repair shop with the screenlock pin password on and some apps were separately password protected too. My issue is I don't want to give my password to the technician. Is there a chance that he can bypass it? because I was hoping that the technician will just do factory reset. But some of my friends said that they might be able to bypass the screenlock and app lock without having to delete the datas on it.
If it was sent in for repair, then yes they may well be able to bypass it. Depends on the ability of the person who is working on it.

Additionally, they will need access to the device to make sure it is working correctly, once the display and any internal parts are replaced. So they would need access to the device.

You can request that they not bypass anything and wipe the device, but there is no guaranty that they will do that before accessing it. It is possible who ever works on the device could simply wipe it after having had access.

The only way you would be able to prevent that would be to request that you be there when the screen is replaced so that you can either remove the data you want removed, or wipe the device before anyone can access the data.
I agree, most are not interested in such things, but I can understand the worry. Especially if you keep things on the device that you wouldn't want seen. Hence my belief in not keeping private things on an easily accessed device.
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