I’ve used the Asus ROG Ally for 2 months — here’s what I think now

Aug 16, 2023
I think having the ally as your sole daily driver teaches you some stuff that these reviews miss cause they don't use it every single day several hours a day. You have a lot of tools to "optimize" yourself. Cyberpunk for instance best played at 720 rsr On 120hz for that sweet VRR. Looks absolutely stunning buttery smooth fps (vrr does the heavy lifting) and the upscale makes it look like a million bucks. Just keep the refresh at 120hz. Also VRAM at 6-8. It's quite amazing seeing it in action. You'll find the best settings for the game you want to play. These reviews just hop from game to game without spending the time a real player would. This is a PC after all. You have to tinker if it's not the most powerful.

Rodrigo Reston

Feb 13, 2015
What no one seems to mention is the "price/performance" - so far, the Steam Deck wipes the floor with all these competitors.
And the review should've mentioned the battery - sure, it has amazing specs, but if I'm gaming for, say, only 30 minutes before the battery runs out, what's the point?