News I biked 9 miles with the new Garmin Forerunner 165 to test GPS accuracy — and I’m impressed

Feb 22, 2024
I've got to say, this could be the laziest review of a fitness tracking device I've ever seen.

You compared it to something that is notoriously innaccurate - surely you should compare two items which actually have the same function. I don't try and add things up using a shoe and then claim it does a pretty bad job as a calculator.

You didn't bother changing the settings to match between devices, and instead just said that "further investigation would be needed".

And you compared heart rates from completely different activities???

This is an abomination of a review, please remove it before too many people read it. At this point it is probably better to just let ChatGPT take over if you aren't going to bother doing it properly.