I bought a Nintendo 64 and I want to connect it to my Vizio Smart Tv

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Jul 31, 2016
I bought a Nintendo 64 system and I have a 55' Vizio Smart Tv. I tried to connect the Red and White cord to my tv there are two reds you can try on the back with the white green and blue option and one red and white for Audio on the side of the tv. I did not have any luck.

I went to Target and bought a RF Video Converter Box. You screw the black code to the antenna part on the back of the tv. On the RF box you put in the Red White and Yellow cord. I tried Comp with the three dots as an option on my tv and I tried Antenna. I searched for channels but I can not get 3 or 4.

I tried to add the 3&4 channel still no luck can someone help me please.
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