I bought an Echo Dot to help cool down my garage — here's how

Jul 17, 2023
Great use of tech! But as an HVAC engineer I feel obligated to make the following comment: running a fan does not cool a space off. In fact, it technically heats it up (waste motor heat), albeit barely. Using a fan to blow hot air out, or cool air in from outside or another space will cool off the space. Blowing a fan on you will cool you off (thank you sweat glands!). But just blowing a fan around in a space will have no positive effect on room temperature.

that aside, its cool to see that there is a temp sensor in the new dot. As an HVAC engineer I am keen to nerding out on things like individual room temps. Aside from the Keen sensors I have in each room with a heat/cool vent to control its respective Keen damper, I also have Aqara bluetooth sensors throughout because the Keen sensor, to my dismay, does not also track relative humidity. the Aqara sensors are pretty prone to losing connection in my experience, so the echo dot option sounds like a nice back up.


Jun 28, 2013
I love gizmos too, but that sounds like an awful convoluted (and expensive) way to replace a simple thermostat!