I dont know if the liquid metal improved my gaming laptop

Mar 26, 2018
I've been using my Asus ROG GL502VT to play GTA 5 and it was really nice and smooth. I use to always check the top part of the keyboard if its too hot but It wasnt that hot (Idk the temperatures but I could still touch it). Then I didnt use my laptop for about 4 months or more and when I played GTA 5 OR CS GO again, the fps was too low and was so laggy. I thought maybe my thermal paste just got old so I bought a liquid metal. The lag went away but my performance before was a little better. I can play my games pretty good but my problem is that, the fan gets loud when I game. I cant put my fingers on top of the keyboard anymore because its too hot. The air on the exhaust us really hot that I think the bottom of the monitor also get hot because of the hot air. I dont know If the paste helped but my temperatures for my cpu and gpu is about 80 degrees when I game and 40-45 degrees when I just opened the laptop without doing anything so. Are these temperatures normal when gaming? Or when just rebooted? Is it okay to let the hot air from the exhaust to keep making my monitor hot? And my biggest problem is the fans gets supper loud when gaming. I NEED ANSWERS PLEASE PEOPLE. Freaks me out if all these are normal? Because when im not doing anything I can also feel the heat even if its just 3 mins after opening it. I would appreciate any answers to my questions.

My Asus Rog GL502VT
Gpu: 970
Cpu: I7
12gb ram
1tb hhd


80C is find for gaming. I have seen quite a few systems blow pretty hot air from the vents that showed normal temperatures. The fact that the keyboard gets too use is an issue though, you could have messed up something with the heatpipe, fan or something in the cooling. You may want to check with ASUS support and see what they say.
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