i have a similar problem. it started very recently...till the morning everything was fine but all of a sudden the system getti

sarath raveendran

Aug 23, 2016
My laptop was working very good, it wasn't having any charge related issues..don't know what happened? all of a sudden one fine morning...it got off soon after i just unplugged the adapter from the socket and this situation is still getting repeated...is it because of the above related issues or some other problems? i need immediate help and please help me as soon as possible...do i need to change the battery? i am using dell laptop inspiron15 model...kindly help me.
Your post cut off, the title is a short description of the issue, it cuts off after so many characters. What is your "similar problem"? There are thousands of posts on this site, just saying "I have the same issue" does not help since you could be talking about anything.

Battery not working? What is going on?