I have a Sony Bravia 32w 562d led TV and also I have a hp CPU that made in Japan I want use my TV as a PC monitor ,


Oct 6, 2017
I take a cable which has one side HDMI and another side VGA point I plug VGA cable in my cpu and also plug HDMI pin my TV BT it's not working...how can I connect my cpu to TV for like a computer plz solve my problem...
TV Sony Bravia 32w 562 d and cpu hp made in Japan 2016 model product no XL506AV, HP Compaq 6200 Pro SFF PC, OS: Windows 7.
You can't use a passive cable to convert HDMI digital audio and video to analog VGA plus audio.
You will need an active converter to do that. You can also use a videocard or USB HDMI converter.