Solved! I have a VPN and Google security keeps blocking my logon how can I change the google security setting so allow access.

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If you are talking about your Google account you are trying to...
Oct 23, 2018
Sorry, to be clear Google blocks the logon attempt to "KEEP OUT THE BAD GUY's" but I would like to opt out of that. what they are doing is keeping ME out of my account. they then DEMAND a phone number to attach to the account, how secure is it to ask for the phone number after an account is hacked. they want to TEXT me. I WILL NOT GIVE THEM MY PHONE NUMBER. I have a VPN that connects to the internet and rotates between countries. I would like to DISABLE the security on the account. This account has nothing in it to secure. No MONEY involved. No information that I care about involved. the only thing a hacker could do is read junk email or post a video on You tube.



If you are talking about your Google account you are trying to get to, you need to talk to their support. We can't help you get into your account if they are blocking it for some info you are not giving them. The phone number is your secondary authentication. If you forget the password or you get hacked they can send you a text message that can reset your account. It is secure because you would be physically holding your phone to get that message instead of just getting your password from somewhere.

What you are trying to do is exactly what hackers try to do, they are not going to lower security just because you really want them to.


Mar 3, 2017
This is a problem that will come up anytime you are changing IP's often on a VPN, especially if you are changing from country to country. This is a red flag in terms of security, for example, your credentials were harvested and sold on the dark web and someone from another country is attempting to breach your account.

Many sites are now, in essence, "forcing" two factor authentication through methods like this that require a code be provided if a login is deemed suspicious. Even if you don't explicitly want this type of verification, it's swiftly becoming the norm and best practice for protecting users.

Have you tried using an authentication app for this, rather than your phone number? This would enable you to pull up the app and use the code provided there instead of providing your phone number to receive a text message.

But the main point is that when you see this, it's security in action, and will likely continue to happen if you are switching IP's and geographic locations often, and not directly the fault of your VPN. You may be able to disable these extra security steps if you really want to, depending on the site or service.

On a side note, a positive way to look at these prompts is that, while they are annoying, your VPN is doing its job. These sites are unsure of who you are -- the exact thing you are trying to accomplish by using software to protect your privacy -- but it's also why they may be asking for security verification :)
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