Question I have a Yamaha YAS-207 with a Roku and DVD player.

Dec 11, 2019
I can hear the Roku when its plugged into the HDMI-IN on the soundbar but I can't hear the DVD. I can hear the DVD if its plugged into the HDMI-IN on the soundbar but I can't hear the Roku. It seems I can hear which ever is connected via the HDMI-IN on the soundbar but not both. My TV does not have an optical audio option and when I plug the L & R audio cables into the tv and into the soundbar, still no audio coming from the component that is NOT in the HDMI-IN. There must be a way to have both components come through the soundbar! Please help!
Are you sure your TV has an analog audio output? An input won't work even though the RCA connections are the same.
If it does have an output you would need to manually select the analog input as your source on the soundbar. Check the TV menu to make sure that you don't have to turn the audio output on.
The other option is to get an HDMI input selector so you can connect both sources to the soundbar. There are some that are automatic.
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