I have klipsch 4.1 pro media and the sub got lost in moving. What can I do with them now?


Jul 3, 2017
Are there any uses for the satellites without the sub? I've had them forever finally got them from my mini storage and the sub is no where to be found. I have two pioneer receivers (cheap ones)I've tried running them through but no sound. I'd really really like to use them again if it's feasible. And cost effective as my budget is not much. Any ideas appreciated
You should be able to use the three passive speakers with one of the receivers.These will have a single two conductor plug on the wire.
The one with the controls on it would be harder to connect since it has more than a two wire connection to the sub. You can use any powered subwoofer with the receiver. If the receiver doesn't have a sub out get a sub with speaker level inputs.
With the sub you would have a 3.1 system.