I have Pioneer VSX 322, pse suggest 5.1 speakers and can add one more woofer,now i have one Active subwoofer

Jun 27, 2018
[strike]I have Pioneer VSX 322, now I am having 100watts speakers and one Active subwoofer. I want it to upgrade it. please suggest me[/strike]

I have Pioneer VSX 322 100 watts AV Receiver with 6 ohms speakers and one Active Sub woofer.

Now, I want to upgrade it with the same Receiver. Please suggest me speakers and Subwoofers

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The specs for that receiver can be deceptive as they rate the power at 6 ohms with only one channel working. I would say that in the real world it's probably about 30 watts per channel (it can't produce more power than it can draw from the wall outlet and that is 180w total).
So you want speakers that will play loud enough for you with that kind of power.
I suspect you are not looking to spend a ton of money so I would suggest you start by upgrading the three front speakers first and the sub second.
If you need something that will play louder then consider Klipsch speakers.
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