I have Sony Wireless headphones and my flat screen TV has no audio outputs. What do I do to hook it up?

May 7, 2018

Mine is a Samsung 4K UHD MU 6920 with an audio out (optical) I think TosLink? My Headphones are just Sony Wireless (not bluetooth) I am at a complete loss as to how to connect and use. Please help. TY
If the TV doesn't have audio outputs then you can connect a bluetooth transmitter to any external source you have. If you have more than one an HDMI input selector with audio extraction will provide an audio output for all of them.

If your TV has an optical audio output and the transmitter for the heaphones doesn't have optical in then you will need an optical to analog audio converter. You will probably have to turn the optical output on, the TV speakers off, and change the audio type to PCM stereo to get it working. Check the owners manual