I have wifi however my tv box wont pick up the internet, the tv keeps saying no signal, please helpl!

Oct 7, 2018
I have wifi, my computer and my phone both work.
The tv box is plugged in but the tv keeps saying no signal, what is the connection problem?
Oct 7, 2018

yes. I got it updated from the person I bought it from, some of the channels I like weren't streaming anymore, Like Mobdro. [I got home and plugged it in the TV keeps saying no signal, despite fact my wifi is working. Is it possible I should call my wifi provider and ask them to resent signal?
Oct 7, 2018

do I have to do configuration? How do I do that? The TV is on HDM1,
Oct 7, 2018
Also, the TV box isn't even turning on to the menu screen, I cant select anything, it only powers on and TV screen is black ....just says no signal


Jan 27, 2018

Yes, you should now call your ISP to reset your configuration and resend the signal. I hope this will be fine.
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