I just had a power button damage on my lenovo edge 15 how can I go about it?


Oct 12, 2016
Thanks, it got ripped off completely from the board because of the opening & closing of my zipper since the switch button is by the right hand side of the system on the outside. So unknown to me my zip was always tapping it right from the inside & finally got piecesed away from the board where I could not even on it anymore. Pls webworkings you can't tell how this could be of help & what reward may come out of it. It won't be fair on me to loose my touchscreen laptop plsss.... thanks once more
OK so if I am understanding you correctly. Your laptop case/bag zipper was getting caught on the power button, which you didn't know, and finally damaged it.

Well, if the device is still under warranty, I would contact the manufacturer. That would be the best option as they could repair/replace it.

If it isn't under warranty any longer, then you can either try replacing the power button yourself, or take it to a local tech. Also, it may not be the actual button, which is inside, but the exterior button only that is damaged. If that is the case, you may be able to get just a new exterior button.

Now if by some chance the interior button is damaged as well, you will need to replace all of it, and possibly the motherboard.

Again, this is why if it is under warranty, you should contact the manufacturer. Or if you are not comfortable doing the work yourself, get someone who is. Should you choose to do it yourself, I am quite sure there are videos online that can walk you through the actual work.
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