Review I just reviewed the TCL Q6 — here’s how this budget QLED TV stacks up


Feb 17, 2010
I bought the 65Q650G a couple weeks ago, when Best Buy marked it down to $499. Then Sam's Club marked he 65Q670G down to $399. I'm pretty sure they are the same TV, just slightly different model numbers. I had an optical sound bar on the tv I was replacing, so I tried to use it on the TCL. The audio delay was different for SDR, HDR, and Dolby Vision. I ended up having to buy another sound bar that uses ARC. I agree, a sound bar is really needed for this TV. Even my 77" LG C2 needs a sound bar, so I expect to put one on every tv.

I didn't find the built in Google TV interface to be any worse than a Chromecast. I use a Chromecast on mine, I don't like connecting any tv to the internet. I do like to do stuff on the local network, maybe I need to add a static lease and a firewall rule for each of them.