News I just took my first long range electric bike ride on the world's longest floating bridge – 3 things I learned

Mar 8, 2024
The biggest problem I have with reviews from sites like yours is that your site uses AvantLink from which you earn money by placing a link to the product in your "review" if someone clicks the link & then buys the product. Reviewers that use AvantLink never have anything negative to say about a product.

Now, about this Trek: underpowered & overpriced! A 250w motor may be enough for a very fit athletic person training to climb Washington's tallest peaks but the average casual rider will never "comfortably" pedal a 250w powered ebike between 25-30 mph! I live in hilly PA where a 500w motor will barely get you up a hill (and that is with a lot of hard pedaling). Going 45 mph while going downhill is something anyone on a human powered bike can do. At just under $2300 this bike is a terrible deal. There are many quality reputable ebikes with power up to 750w & way more features for under $2k.: Ride1Up, Aventon, Rad Power Bikes, to name a few.

Whizzing by other cyclists at high speed is what gives ebikes a bad reputation & leads to regulations and bans; ride responsibly! The only thing humorous about passing an Oakley-mirrored-glasses-sporting, carbon-fiber-bike fast-boy is you thinking how cool you are. They are not humbled anyone on an ebike hurtling past them.

I am a former MTB rider & have ridden & competed on some of the toughest trails & climbs that the Poconos in PA, White Mountains in NH, & the mountains of Pocahontas County in WV has to offer. I own 4 ebikes (all 750w & up) and ride almost daily.