I lost my phone now i have a new one . How can i get my Samsung notes back to my new phone

May 12, 2018
Samsung app
Samsung notes i had info that i need to retrieve from that lost Samsung j 7
I have a new Samsung j 7 and those files dont show up on these new one.
The only way you could have data that was on the original device is if it had been synced to an account on say google or other cloud account. Plus, the phone would have to have not been wiped while attached to that account. As that would make it possible for the data to also be wiped from the account.

The only way to know for certain would be to log into said account from the new device and see if the data is there.

Now if you didn't have the phone synced before it 'walked away' then you are out of luck. The info is gone.
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