I need a backup program - which will suit my use?

Gaz Parkinson

Apr 24, 2014
Hi all,

I run a laptop which has a lot of information on it so was originally backed up to a network drive monthly. This worked fine as it was simply a backup of my laptop (specific folder).

A new employee has started, and he also needs access to some of the files I backup. The new employee has been using the files located on the server, but unfortunately I didn't know and the changes he has made have been deleted.

Is there a software that will allow me to keep a continuous backup of my folder on the network drive, but complete a backup both ways? So if the files on the network drive are adjusted then they are downloaded to my PC. If I make amendments to files locally, they are backed up to the server.

Is there a particular software that will perform this task?


Sep 16, 2013
I'll be checking this thread because I'm curious to see if there's software that can do something like this.

This sounds more to me, though, like you guys need to organize better. Files that need to be accessed by multiple people should be on and accessed from a share (even if it's you sharing it from your laptop) and that share should be getting backed up.

When you think about it, assume you made a change to the one on your laptop and he made a change to the one on the server. Which one gets priority? If his does, you lost all your changes. If yours does, he lost all his changes. If they're going to be treated like two separate files, just use two separate files. You don't need software to do that.

If you're thinking about this software somehow merging the changes, forget that. It would have to be specific to that exact file-format in order to do something like that.


Not really, no. For files that need to be accessed and edited by more than one person, there needs to be one and only one working copy. On the server or a share.

"The new employee has been using the files located on the server, but unfortunately I didn't know and the changes he has made have been deleted."
This shows why.

Obviously there should be routine backups, but those are backups, not to be edited.


Backup programs will not serve this purpose; they are for "Backup & Restore" and they serve that function very well! Examples, Windows Backup in Control Panel (that you are aware of), and other programs such as EaseUS Todo Backup.

To do what you are interested in will involve some custom program. A good example is the software (program) used to keep track of engineering changes and revisions. SAP-like programs where control rests with a central (one and one only) entity.

Good luck!


Nov 27, 2012

Kindly I ask your attention.

I really don't know, but I can put you in the right direction:


Ask OpenSource or Free software programmers for information, they are more willing to answer when they do know, than payed versions. This because of the firms policy of competition and/or money.

There will be software availlable to do so, because I assume some firms want and will have it.

Hopefully I let you known enough, that you will find the answers that you seek! :)

Good luck and have fun doing it! :)

Best Regards,

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