I need an Audio Switcher for my Xbox One and PC, can someone help me find one?


Nov 2, 2014
I'm wanting an audio switcher where I can switch what audio I'm hearing between my Xbox One and PC and also at the same time switch the Microphone at the same time.
I have the original hyperX cloud headset and I use a connector that puts the 3.5 Mic jack and 3.5 Input Jack into a single jack and plug that into the Xbox controller.
I have the headset plugged into the back of my PC (Into my mobo) where the 3.5 Mic jack and the 3.5 audio input jack go into their respective ports.

I'm looking for an audio switcher that I would be able to swap them between each other on the fly hopefully with a remote but thats not much of a hold back as long as it can sit on my desk and I can press a button to swap them.

I don't care if I would need to buy more 3.5 conversion and extension cables in order for this to work.

Also another route that would be nice to have would be if I could get nice quality audio from both my Xbox One and my PC at the SAME time and my microphone work on them both at the same time maybe through an audio extender or something.

As you can see I'm pretty ignorant on this subject and any information would be much appreciated.

Thanks for the help!