i need help finding os for my laptop

Gasper Torner

May 4, 2014
hi so i have my second powerbook g4 and this time it came without a hard drive so now i need help fining a mac os or it preferably mac os x 10.5.8 thats what i have on the other one i tried some other mac os versions from a website and two came out with a crossed circle and one was loading into nothing left it for an hour and nothing so now i need to find one for my pc before i try to buy a used cd and hope that it still works

update does seriously no one know where could i get it


You have 2 of these and 1 is running 10.5.8 already?
I haven't done much with G4's but you might be able to clone the working G4 hard drive and it should work in the other G4.
I have used SuperDuper many times for this and it's free. You just need a way to attach the new drive to the working g4 (USB enclosure or SATA to USB adapter) and then use SuperDuper to make a complete bootable backup onto the new drive. Stick it into the other G4 and see what happens.
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