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    Solved! Can I install Windows 10 on my macbook and remove mac os

    I have a Macbook air 13 inch Early 2015 model I have been recently wondering if I could install windows 10 on it and remove mac os making it a windows only machine I have seen imacs with windows only on them at school and I want to do that as well to my own macbook
  2. I

    Mac OS won't run when i make it as n internal drive

    i want to start a fresh installation of Mac Sierra i did from recovery on a new hardrive, which i used it as an external drive so it all worked fine, it completed fully, but when i insert it, to make it an internal drive, it fails to boot, again when i connect it as an external it works fine
  3. G

    New 'Cold Boot' Attack Unlocks Mac, PC Disk Encryption

    If you think your files are safe because you use Microsoft’s BitLocker or Apple’s FileVault to encrypt your hard drive, you might be wrong. New 'Cold Boot' Attack Unlocks Mac, PC Disk Encryption : Read more
  4. C

    Can't Reinstall macOS Sierra

    Hello all, I just purchased a 2016 12" MacBook 1.2Ghz. This is the first Mac I've every owned and have very little experience with them. I purchased it from someone with all of their files still on the hard drive so I held command+r to enter the utilities menu. I tried reinstalling Sierra using...
  5. N

    Solved! What is the best MAC Os Books Author

    [Moderator note: moved post to MacBooks.] What is the best MAC Os books author?
  6. N

    MacBook Pro 2017 Graphics issues

    Hey all, So the MacBook Pro in question is pretty young in age, and I've run Malwarebytes on it for a while. I seriously doubt any virus or malware is on it. However, certain problems have arisen now on multiple occasions. After having visited (weirdly enough) the University of Pittsburgh's...
  7. L

    Dual OS on laptop info

    Hello Tom'sHardware I am buying a new laptop for college, I'm using the services of PcSpecialist to pick all the individual parts for the laptop. They put it together and send it over. Though I have a question concerning whether it's possible to have both the MacIOS and Windows operating...
  8. W

    After i delete my disk it doesnt pop up as an option to download mac os

    I had a problem where i downloaded high sierra and it wouldnt give me the option back on my mac. This led me to having to restart the whole thing but i cant redownload the software after clearing the disk.
  9. G

    New MacOS Bug Reveals Passwords: What to Do

    MacOS 10.13 High Sierra has a bug that displays passwords instead of password hints, giving anyone access to encrypted drives. New MacOS Bug Reveals Passwords: What to Do : Read more
  10. DT523

    Audio Controller Dead?

    A buddy of mine has a MacBook Air (late 2013) A1466. About 2 days ago, the audio was fine. Now it won't recognize the audio devices at all and there's a loud feedback sound when you plug in headphones. He is a Fire Chief and he uses this for presentations, so he definitely needs audio back. Any...
  11. G

    i need help finding os for my laptop

    hi so i have my second powerbook g4 and this time it came without a hard drive so now i need help fining a mac os or it preferably mac os x 10.5.8 thats what i have on the other one i tried some other mac os versions from a website and two came out with a crossed circle and one was loading into...
  12. jsimenhoff

    Are Macs less secure than Windows 10 machines?

    For the longest time everyone thought Macs were more secure than Windows. Back in 2004, when I was rocking a Macbook Pro, I didn't even think to install any antivirus or security software. It seems like that myth has persevered as Apple still doesn't even offer built in malware scanners like...
  13. J

    MacBook 12 2015 vs 2016

    Hello! What would you suggest to buy? - Model 2015 with Core M5 and 512 GB SSD or - Model 2016 with Core M3 and 256 GB SSD Both almost the same price
  14. Paul Wagenseil

    Macs Face Double Threat from New Ransomware, Spyware

    New forms of Mac ransomware and spyware that anyone can use against enemies or victims have shown up in online criminal marketplaces. Macs Face Double Threat from New Ransomware, Spyware : Read more
  15. M

    how do i update firefox on my mac os to 10.9 on my laptop

    how do i update firefox on my mac os to a 10.9 version
  16. A

    how to install mac os 10.6.3 on a windows 10 pc

    Hi I recently installed windows 10 on my previously windows 7 laptop. now I would like to install mac os 10.6.3 onto it. but everything I try fails so can someone help me by giving me a step by step tutorial on how to install it (using the retail disc).
  17. M

    MacBook Pro 2010 dead harddrive, new harddrive not working?

    Recently a friends MacBook Pro didn't turn on, and the harddrive was clicking. He then asked me to look at it, and I declared the harddrive dead, and my own pc wouldn't recognize it either. I then bought a 500gb WD Blue drive to replace it, but I'm facing some issues. I started by just...
  18. A

    Basics of EFI, UEFI, and Bios. Please help me learn this

    I am confused how all of these work. I can somehow use them correctly, but i want to make sure i know what is happening. Here are some of my confusions: I like windows, but i hate mac. I also have like... no money... and only macs. I have an old hard drive from my laptop, and I plug it in...
  19. K

    Cloud Server Options - Windows AD, Profiles, etc

    Hello everyone! My question today is a general question. I need your input on a best solution for a growing small business. Currently, there are 13 employees... all with macOS as the daily driver. I'm trying to change this but it seems a battle long-lost on the company. But... I am trying to...
  20. K

    Check cable connection-while installing mac os in pc

    I'm using Toshiba satellite l755 model and I wish to install mac os in it.I created a bootable usb using transmac software.It worked quite fine in my friends PC(intel core i3) but not working in my laptop.It is saying that "Check cable connection!".Pls help me
  21. T

    Should I back up my home DVD's to an external hard drive?

    I have 135 home movie DVD's (not all are full) and would like to put them onto one external hard drive for back up and ease of use. I'm using an Imac computer. I realize this would be very time consuming which I'm ok with. My thought is I could plug the hard drive and with each movie I could...
  22. B

    What's the best resource for mirroring my PC onto my IPad?

    What's the best resource for mirroring my PC onto my IPad? I know it's easy to AirPlay from Mac OS, but I'd like to use my Win 64bit PC, and use non-standard programs like Finale (music writing software) at my piano in the living room. Is this possible? And how much is it going to run me? Am I...
  23. E

    HDD not recognized

    About a week ago my mac stopped recognizing my external HDD, doesnt even show up in disk utility. It works perfectly on my windows PC. The HDD powers on and i can feel it soinning, but the computer just doesnt seem to recognize it. I have already tried with both USB ports. Thanks
  24. steven37

    Best OVERALL laptop for price

    I was looking at the $1,299 Macbook pro laptop. But I am not a HUGE fan of Mac OS, I am wanting to find the best computer for around the 1,000-1,300 dollar price range. overall meaning the best cpu, best everything for that price... I guess I am just wanting something equivalent or BETTER than...
  25. N

    Looking for a Laptop that can game/do video/photo editing and etc

    1. What is your budget? Up to $5,500 US dollars 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? Something around 13 inches. I wouldn't want a laptop that's extremely heavy such as 10 pounds due to my daughter having to use it. 3. What screen resolution do you want? I don't...
  26. V

    Need feedback about MAC Book Pro

    Hi All, I want to purchase Mac book pro on Amazon which comes with Mavericks OS installed. Specs about the device can be found here , http:// Will there be any problems if I install Yosemite OS and upgrade this to 8GB ? Mainly I need this for my programming practice and iOS app development...
  27. T

    Problems With An External Hard Drive on Mac

    Before I start I know that I have a mac. Ok, so I have this Samsung external hard drive, Samsung s2 portable media 640gb. I have a lot of possible information on it. When I plug it in I can hear it running but it doesn't show up. When I open disk utility I see this Any Help Is Welcome. Thank You
  28. sparker781

    VmWare and Mac OS

    So if I use a legit copy of Mac OS X with a virtual machine can you run mac os as a virtual machine on a PC? I have a copy of Mac OS X that I was using to restore an old macbook.... Not sure if this is the right area so apologies if it isnt Thanks
  29. B

    WD External HDD Slow Read but Write Fast

    I convert my internal WD hard drive from my old laptop to external hard drive. I already format it writing speed really good about 30MB/s but read really slow about 2MB/s and im using USB 3 on Macbook air 2013. Already try in my friends laptop but still read speed is really slow. I already try...
  30. B

    Sophos anti-virus disconnected from primary server. Restore?

    My I-mac 10.5.8 has Sophos working well until today. Message says sophos failed because is was disconnected from the primary server and i have been unable to restore the connection. I have tried newly installing sophos again but it is not available to models earlier than 10.6 How can i restore...
  31. Y

    help getting a good laptop

    hello guys,i can't find a good laptop that is not for gaming,i want a normal laptop,but i need it with an i7 extreme cpu and WITHOUT GPU bec it's not for gaming,i need 16 GB of RAM at 1600 mhz and 512 GB SSD(samsung 850 pro plz) and full hd 1080 p 15.6 inch screen atleast,but 17'' or higher is...
  32. S

    Macbook upgrade - can I simply swap my old hard drive into new machine?

    I have a mid-2010 Macbook Pro. I've done the disc-drive to 2nd hard drive swap out. I have the latest version of Mavericks installed on an SSD mounted in the disc-drive bay and a 1TB data drive mounted in the usual hard drive bay. I'll soon be upgrading to the latest version of Macbook Pro...
  33. garrettk4

    Looking to buy a new laptop

    Looking to buy a new laptop to replace my macbook pro. I don't like the Mac OS, I prefer windows. What I need: A laptop/ultrabook that has an i7/SSD 8gb+ memory Good battery life. & Good reviews What I will use it for: Heavy virtualization w/vmware workstation/sphere, light gaming here and...
  34. CherlynnLow

    Parallels Version 10 Lets You Run Windows on Macs

    The latest version of Parallels Desktop brings performance improvements and new tools to improve your virtual desktop experience. Parallels Version 10 Lets You Run Windows on Macs : Read more
  35. S

    Need help picking a laptop for my needs.

    My needs are pretty simple. I just want a laptop than can handle casual gaming (I don't really care if the graphics are maxed out or anything), programming, schools, movies, music. Not really anything hardcore, but I am on my laptop quite a bit, so long-lasting would always be nice. My budget...
  36. V

    Photoshop (Mac OS ML or Windows 8?)

    So I've built a Dual boot Hackintosh/PC and I've got Windows 8 on one SSD and Mac OS Mountain lion on the other. I'm not sure whether to get PS on Windows or Mac?? I know the differences will be zero aside from input.... Thing is I'm new to Photoshop and will be learning from scratch. What would...
  37. F

    Laptop? Tablet? Which?

    I am selling my old bulky laptop, and I am looking for a replacement. I have a budget of £400 give or take. I will use it for traveling, and will need to do homework, internet browsing etc. (at reasonable speed) I am not sure to get one which doubles as a tablet or to get a bog-stander laptop...
  38. G

    Which softwares does Windows OS support that Mac OS doesn't?

    Which softwares does Windows OS support that Mac OS doesn't? What are some examples of softwares that work on Windows but doens't work on a Mac OS?
  39. P

    Windows 8 with Mac ?

    Hi There , i would love to buy a macbook air, as i love the design, but do you know if i will have some difficulties to use Windows 8 with it ? thanks a lot
  40. R

    What could cause some mac keys to type wrong symbols_

    I upgraded my Mac OS X to 10.6.8 and now some keys type incorrect symbols!
  41. G

    Mac OS X transformation pack for windows 7 64bit (danish)

    If i where to install some transformation pack on windows 7 64 bit so it would look like mountain lion, is there an easy way to uninstall it and go back to default windows 7 ui,icons? Then i could "try" OS X without having to make my pc into a hackingtosh I am using a danish windows 7 64 bit...
  42. P

    Can i install mac os on acer aspire 5742 laptop

    hello, i m using acer aspire 5742 i3 processor with 3gb ram. recently i m using windows 8 on my laptop. i want to install mac os my laptop. can u help me how can i install mac os?...plz help me...
  43. G

    12 Video Editors for Your PC

    Whether you’re a Windows, Mac OS X or Linux user, these twelve tools will facilitate the inner Spielberg (or Bay) in you. 12 Video Editors for Your PC : Read more
  44. G

    15 Free PC Tools for Artists

    Most creative work nowadays is done on a PC, whether it runs on Windows, Mac OS X, or a Linux machine. Here are 15 free tools that will unleash your inner artiste. 15 Free PC Tools for Artists : Read more
  45. Y

    Run mac os

    Hello guys, i have a quick question, i have a Lenovo z570 and i was wondering if i could run a virtual box with mac os in it? any help is appreciated!! :)
  46. M

    Mac OS X Admin Password reset guide

    i need to unlock my addmistrative for mac book
  47. rajaawad23

    Mac OS on toshiba c660 1j2

    Hi all, I have a Toshiba c660 1j2 and would like to install a "hackintosh" on it but within virtual box specs: Core i3 380m 2.53GHz 4GB 1066MHz Samsung RAM 320GB HDD Windows 7 HP 64bit I just want to know if it is possible and if so a link to where to download it form. thanks.
  48. R

    How to play a Blu-ray Disc on Mac?

    I have a blu-ray driver, but the Mac OS never support Blu-ray, so what should I do?
  49. B

    HFSExplorer: Invalid HFS type.

    In HFSExplorer, I keep on getting this while trying to read the Mac OS X DVD...: Any idea why this is happening? I do know that the installation volume on the DVD is HFS... Thanks in advance.
  50. A

    Solved! How to transfer data from windows xp to mac os via lan wire

    Hello, hello how to transfer data between windows-xp and mac-os...via lan wire...
  51. M

    Give me some advice about my new iphone

    Hello,everybody,I bought a new iphone Recently,but I meet a problem with it. my iphone:iphone 4 operating system:iOS 4 my mac:mac OS X 10.6 Is there an easy way to sync all my iPhone notes to my macbook? Thanks a lot.
  52. JMcEntegart

    PayPal Users Massively Overcharged for Mac OS X Lion

    Some Apple users that paid for their OS X Lion upgrades via PayPal have been charged thousands of dollars by accident. PayPal Users Massively Overcharged for Mac OS X Lion : Read more
  53. G

    Mozilla's B2G OS: There is No Other Choice for Mozilla

    Another operating system? Seriously? We already have plenty to choose from: Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Android, Chrome and countless Linux flavors. Do we really need Mozilla's Boot-to-Gecko? Mozilla's B2G OS: There is No Other Choice for Mozilla : Read more
  54. G

    iOS Has Half the Market Share of Mac OS X

    Net Applications updated their monthly market share data earlier today. iOS Has Half the Market Share of Mac OS X : Read more
  55. G

    Apple Mac OS X 10 Years Old Today

    Lion might just be the final cat. Apple Mac OS X 10 Years Old Today : Read more
  56. P

    MAC OS in DELL XPS 16

    Hi all, I have DELL XPS 16 laptop and i want to install MAC OS in my laptop.Please guide me through step by step. Reply soon -Paras
  57. D

    EEEPC 1101HA and Mac OS X

    Has anybody managed to Run Mac OS X snow leopard on the Asus EEEPC 1101HA yet? Does everything work?
  58. G

    Mac OS X 10.6 To Take Advantage Of GPU Acceleration

    San Francisco (CA) - As expected, Apple has previewed the next version of Mac OS X, code-named Snow Leopard. Mac OS X 10.6 To Take Advantage Of GPU Acceleration : Read more
  59. G

    No New Features In Mac OS X "Snow Leopard"?

    Opinion - News that Apple may announce an early build of Mac OS X 10. No New Features In Mac OS X "Snow Leopard"? : Read more
  60. G

    Hidden OS X Feature: Twitter Integration

    There is an interesting feature in Mac OS X we haven't known about so far: A user