Can i install mac os on acer aspire 5742 laptop

prince 9

Oct 29, 2012
hello, i m using acer aspire 5742 i3 processor with 3gb ram. recently i m using windows 8 on my laptop. i want to install mac os my laptop. can u help me how can i install mac os?...plz help me...


Most likely not.

People have been able to build a desktop "Hackintosh", but they need to refer to a specific list of PC parts that would be recognized properly by Mac OS. The chances of your acer aspire laptop coincidentally being 100% compatible with Mac OS would be extremely rare.

I would say your chances of getting hit by lightning 4 times in the same day would be higher than your chances of successfully installing Mac OS.


Jan 19, 2006
You could succed but involve a lot of work and good knowledge of freebsd (since mac os derive from it).
Could be done, i had done it some time ago, but i found that Mac OS is not better than Ubuntu (or other distros).
Just search for mac os for intel cpu (there are disk images online) and work your long way from there.
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