Mac OS X transformation pack for windows 7 64bit (danish)


Aug 6, 2012
If i where to install some transformation pack on windows 7 64 bit so it would look like mountain lion, is there an easy way to uninstall it and go back to default windows 7 ui,icons?

Then i could "try" OS X without having to make my pc into a hackingtosh

I am using a danish windows 7 64 bit so if it where compatible with windows 7 in danish it would be nice.

I shortly trid a mac OS X transformation pack on windows 8 when i wanted to try it at a time where i knew that i didn't want windows 8,(playing games like crysis 2,bf 3 and racing games like need for speed and dirt, so i am not gonna make my pc into a hackintosh), had som icon's from windows interfering with the mac OS X icons they where on top of each other.


Jul 18, 2012
I know that with any Linux distribution you can run on a virtual machine, but I would imagine it being much more complicated for trying out mac os x, due to hardware incompatibility, etc, etc.

I believe that oracle released a beta version of VM that can run mac os x, but only on similar or identical hardware to that of mac book's.


Nov 27, 2012

Dear gasolin,

I didn't try it, I just help!

I found more links of your question and I would recogment that you do a total drive backup to another drive. You can do this with Acronis or Paragon software. Both have a live cd ISO to burn, you have to burn it with the system you use because it will install the needed drivers from your system too when needed. I know these programs work well and when I'm not misstaken, some magazines give them away for free. Look for the magazines online and search for these programs, register when needed for the download. Try Praxis and CHIP in your language or German. There are a lot of free programs how can do it too, don't know if they work well.

For the MAC OS X transformation pack Windows 7 x64 in Danish, copy this into your browser:

Concerning the game installations:

Have one drive for your system and programs and one for games, I do.
Most of the games I have installed needed sometimes the license key after a reinstallation, some just have to be installed again. Just create shortcuts to (a map when more shortcuts are needed for a program/game) put to the Startmenu/Programs/Games.
This only works without changing the grafic card (mainboard?).