I need help to make sure Im not overcharged on my HDTV repair.


Feb 24, 2014
Ok my tv went out from a static shock when I plugged in a usb driver into my tv. It wouldn't turn on and the standby light wasn't on either.

I took my tv to a repair shop. The guy said he'd call me later that day with an estimate. 3 days later after no word back I call him back for the estimate bc I understand it only takes no longer than 10-20 minutes max for a technician to diagnose a problem. So he says "I'll call you right back after I test it right now." This is after I ask him why is it taking so long. So within 10 minutes he calls back and says "Its your power board that is bad $250."

MY TV: SANYO 42" LCD 1080p 120hz model DP42410
First of all I dont trust tv repairmen because I for one did not know what was wrong with my tv and I just have to take his word for it. For instance I understand how cars work and if something goes wrong I can do a little testing myself to have an idea of the general problem before I take it to a mechanic. I cannot do this with electronics and technicians will charge people anything bc people cannot prove otherwise.

Ok so I tell the repairman Ill come pick the tv up for a second opinion and I did give him $25 for testing the tv. He says hes not at the shop and I have to wait until tomorrow. I drive by the shop and someone was there. He lied. Thats why I dont trust him. So I get the tv and take it somewhere else. We go through the same thing, Ill call you later today, the next day comes no call, I call back and this shop is telling me it is the main board that has to be replaced $265. You see why I dont trust them. Its the same tv two different shops, two different problems, but almost the same high price to fix it. I told him to go ahead and fix the tv

So here is where I need your help. How can I get the tv repairman to prove what he actually fixed or prove that he lied? What is the avg cost to replace a power board on my tv? What is the avg cost to replace a main board on my tv? But most importantly I need to find a way to get the repairman to actually prove what was fixed to make the tv function again.

Here are some of my ideas:

I called back to tell the guy to save my main board that he removed from the tv. He said its going to be extra bc he has to send it back, sketchy right. I dont trust these guys. I told him no I wont pay you more bc it is my board and you told me you ordered a new part so they are both mine. He told me he might have to send it back in. Thats bull. But my plan is to call him in a couple of hours with a game plan bc Im tired of people getting over.

SERIOUS QUESTION: Do parts stores ask technicians to send broken parts into them after ordering?

I also plan to ask the guy for a receipt of the part he purchased to fix the tv and documentation that he sent MY broken main board in to them.

and thats all I have so far. So could someone with experience in ordering parts and repairing and pricing repairs please review this case and help me make sure this guy is not screwing me. I havent been rude to anyone I just really dont trust these guys. Thank you for your help and God Bless you.
I understand your problem. Just as car parts often have a "core" charge, to make sure that you return the defective part that is then rebuilt, so do many replacement circuit boards. If you are suspicious then make sure he holds the old board for you to see when you pick up the TV.
It can take more than 20 minutes to make sure where the problem is. In fact without having a replacement board to plug in it is hard to say whether more than one board is at fault. Can't fully check the main board without a working power supply.
The price they are quoting you is not out of line for either board replacement (at least not around NYC). Make sure you get a written warranty on the work they perform and the part.
Maybe the guy you saw driving past the 1st repair shop was not allowed to return TVs only take in new ones or your set may not have been reassembled yet.