I Replaced My Laptop with the Galaxy Note 9, and This Is What Happened

Jan 3, 2019
Came across this guide early today and rushed to the local computer store to pick up the Dex Station. My first impressions are that it is insanely cool. I've got so many tabs open, including a terminal that emulates a Unix development environment. One of my python scripts is running in there as I type this from another window on the desktop. I'll be experimenting with ssh and Amazon Workspaces to see how feasible it is to hook up to a beefier machine if I need more power, although the phone's specs are impressive enough that I will be able to do so much as is. This is insanely cool and I hope that Samsung continues to support this. If they keep getting it right I'll be a Samsung person for the forseeable future.

Which is hilarious because just the other day I was telling people that the Note 9 is nice but too expensive. The dock completely changed my mind. If I could have a badass phone AND a perfectly usable and awesome desktop when I need it...that makes the phone worth every penny.

Thanks for sharing this guide! Super valuable and insightful.
Apr 18, 2019
I have a galaxy note 9 at the moment. With my previous unit I needed to use the Dex dock. It was great because I could plug it into my monitor use my old style a mechanical keyboard and trackball. since my new phone can connect directly that means I can only use Bluetooth enabled devices which means I can't use either of those. I used to use my phone like a laptop which I plugged into a dock and had everything right there. Now I have to fiddle with Bluetooth devices. While I could use the phone screen as a trackpad I much rather use the phone as a phone which is now permitted you can use the DEX on the TV and you can use your phone independently which I think is a huge upgrade.
I got a hold of one of those HDMI adapters with a USB port on the side so that I could plug in my keyboard and mouse on the side but that didn't work at all. In fact it was chaos the screen flickered it failed it was a complete fumble it doesn't work at ALL. This phone will only work as DEX if you plug it in alone. A major failure.
Another huge pet peeve I have is that you can only access DEX if you have it plugged into a TV and sometimes you need to access dex and you are not able to just from your phone.
another failure is that it is extremely easy to hook up your Samsung Galaxy to your TV wirelessly but it only mirrors the screen so far if there's any way to activate Dex while it is connected that way I haven't found it out which is a real pity because the connectivity works so well it would be nice if I didn't need any wires at all. After all that's their idea.
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