I review gaming PCs for a living — and this is my favorite rig of 2023

Dec 23, 2023
It is well-established that Alienware PCs are ridiculously overpriced for the components they offer (except during periods of GPU shortages when the pricing seems to possibly make sense).

It is bewildering that a staff member would recommend naive first-time buyers to get fleeced right out the gate rather than take the time to do some research and build/buy a reasonably priced machine.


Dec 21, 2012
Weird to me, someone who built desktops from 1989 (before Internet - remember the Computer Shopper huge magazine?) I find it very odd that reviews never mention how many slots are available. Dell was always skimpy, but nowadays it seems you're lucky if you have one free slot, and the GPU often blocks/covers it?
I think because USB is so fast nowadays that PCI slots aren't used? For example, try to get a FireWire port (old camcorders use it)...easiest way is an inexpensive PCI card. Apple sells a convertors cable, but it concerts to an older thunderbolt, so you need a 2ns cable to convert to USB / newer thunderbolt I believe.
Dec 24, 2023
Who let this person review PCs?

"While the proprietary way in which Alienware organizes the cramped interior of the Aurora R15's case can make it frustrating to work inside, especially if you've built your fair share of PCs, I think it's not a big deal for first-timers..."

How is it possible that experienced users will be frustrated, but new users won't have a hard time?

"... the spread of USB-C and USB-A ports across front and back ensure you can plug things into the Aurora R15 without having to worry about scrabbling around on the back."

What?!? You literally just praised the backside of the tower just to dunk on it a few words after?

"... wickedly sharp fins, along with a cramped interior and high price tag, are the only weak points in what's otherwise my favorite gaming PC of 2023. "

So you just like a liquid cooled 13900k and a 4090. Got it.
Dec 27, 2023
hahAhhahahahha hahahaha. Major fail. Anyone in the industry knows these suck; proprietary parts, ease of repair is near impossible (even for upgrades sometimes,) extremely expensive, horrible cooling, and the list goes on. This suggestion is pathetic.