Question I still cant recieve or make calls or messages. Metro deive permanantly unlocked. Changed apn like 5 different ways. Also no wifi callin error05 activ

Apr 30, 2020
I have a metro device and a AT&T SIM card the Metro device says it's permanently unlocked Aya put my Sim in it and I'm not able to make or receive calls or send messages or receive messages I owe change the APN like 5 different ways I still not able to make calls or messages it says no Wi-Fi calling error er05 I went to the Sim kit and did the clear it. And the storage I cleared a two and restarted the phone that still didn't help when I try to make calls it says that to make sure my my plan is active I went to a AT&T and on their computer and stuff it shows that my plan is active I don't know what's going on can someone help please