i think its paid open world adventure/rpg game from 2003-2013 that is under 100mb

Oct 30, 2018
We started as a boy with pointy ears that is awoken by its master telling him that he is summon by the queen/princess i forgot about what but after that we learn to use a wooden sword and we started by killing rat or beetle from level 1-10 if im correct the hero can use sword bow and spell

There is a side quest if we talk to the guard in front of the castle he tells us a secret on how to get to his village its in the well near the shop and after we enter we talk to the village chief i think and he task us to find pearls that is guarded by mermaid if we complete it we will be rewarded 1000 gold

There is also a quest to find a child inside a cave near the hero village

There is also a quest of bringing peace between dark elf and another kind of elf

And there is a village thats is a dessert that the monster near the village is snake scorpion rock golem and cyclops i think please respond i really want to remember the game

There is also a village where its all snowy and it has snow golem wolf etc

Oh and in the first village the hero village there is a monster to grind for consisting of beetle rat bear wasp, i remember a lot from the game but not the title so you guys should know how badly it is