Solved! I used a charger with incorrect polarity

Dec 19, 2019
I bought a new laptop charger and whenever I plugged it into my laptop my mouse would go all crazy, move around by itself, freeze up etc... Which obviously indicated that the charger I got was incompatible with my Laptop. So I looked on the base of the new charger and noticed that the polarity was not the same as the original laptop charger.... I've read that using a charger with an incorrect/incompatible polarity can fry a device very easily, which is what's worrying me.

It appears as though my Laptop is completely fine, but my question is, is there a possibility that any circuitry/anything within my laptop got fried/ruined? Or should I be fine? Thanks.
It's working now, so nothing should be ruined. There is no way to know if what you did caused a tiny bit of damage that will cause an issue in a few months without just waiting and seeing.