I want to connect my Panasonic TV (model TX-P42VT30B) to Bluetooth Headphones. Is there something I can plug into the tv to s


Dec 13, 2016
Thank you for your reply to my question. I have one further query. At the moment I make a connection to my bluetooth headphones from my Samsung tablet by entering and adjusting the tablet's 'Settings'. The Bluetooth transmitters I have looked at at Amazon don't seem to have any equivalent of the tablet's 'Settings' facility. In other words how do I get the transmitter to 'talk' to the headphones?
These transmitters usually enter "Ready to pair" mode as soon as turned on, then try to pair to last device which was connected to them.
Some devices have dedicated "Enter pair mode" on them. Whenever in Pair mode, if your headphones are also in "Pair mode", a connection will be mad.e
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