i3 6100U dual-channel RAM / i5 6200U single-channel RAM ??


Sep 12, 2016
What is better from the gaming point of view...
i3-6100U + 8GB dual-channel RAM at 1376x768 TN LED
i5-6200U + 8GB single-channel RAM at 1980x1080 IPS LED ??

Thinking about Lenovo Thinkpad 13 in i3 configuration (dual RAM) or IdeaPad 510s-13ISK with i5 configuration, both around 700 Eur. Both has Intel HD520 graphic..
I know none of these are gaming laptops, but from the gaming point of view, what to choose?

I am affraid that for i5 single RAM there will not be enough power to be operated at FullHD at same details level as on i3 with dual RAM at HD only. From this point of view, I think Thinkpad 13 is better solution, am I right?



Nov 22, 2013
if what ever you are trying to run is so close to playable mark on 1080p that dual and single channel would make or break it, you are overestimating the igpu, you will be disappointed either way. And you will most likely be running the game in 720p.

True Buie

Aug 29, 2016
I'd probably go for the i5 configuration, not because it's better, but because of the screen. I don't really like the low 1366x766 resolution.
From a gaming perspective, Id probably go for the i3, In this case!
Since the i5 is most likely a dual-core with HT it won't really matter, since the i3 is also that.


Sep 12, 2016
Laptop will be used mostly for web-browsing, some basic office tasks like Word/Excel, watching films & some basic gameplay (no FPS sensitive for FR, but simulator games like Cities Skylines, Farming Sim. (no problem with low setting), etc.) on business trips.
In the past I had ASUS X200LA, 11.6" laptop with 1376x768 res and no issue with watching films, so this is not an primary issue.

I am not buying video playback laptop, not game playing laptop, but would like to buy best balanced power for an average use.. Some video, some games & really portable, that's why 13.3".
Battery life is difficult to estimate - Thinkpad 13 has some tests, runs 8h on webviewing (Lenovo spec. 11h, 42Wh), that is ok.
Ideapad 510s-13ISK is quite new, did not find any tests yet and lenovo specification writes 4h video playback (35Wh), but no webviewing, so difficult to compare to Thinkpad 13.

I am affraid that FHD resolution will cause small fonts on system, any tools and I will have to move my head as close to display as possible. For webpages - I am not used to zoom them, I know, funny - I will have small font and wide white stipes on the sides of text.

On the other hand, HD res. is older TN LED display and on 13.3" could pixels be visible.. But I did not complain about ASUS 11.6" TN 1376x768 display.

So, what is better to choose as "gold middle"?


Sep 12, 2016
I have checked comparison between i3-6100U and i5-6200U.
No real difference, just missing TurboBoost in i3.

Today I saw Thinkpad 13 with 1366x768 resolution and I could not say any bad word on the resolution. It is enough for me, size of fonts is ok, I did not see any pixelation. Problem was just when completely dimmed, then the display was nearly not possible to use - just in night maybe..

So, it looks like there is no sense to go in i5 with higher res display, shorter baterry life and single-channel RAM.
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