i5 8250 vs i7 4702mq

Mar 28, 2018
I'm out for a new laptop after my previous one was stolen.
I'm usually pretty good at choosing hardware but I'm stuck between an i5-8250u in a $850 laptop with 8GB ddr4, NVIDIA 940MX and 256 gb ssd and the i7-4702mq in refurb laptop selling @350$ with intel HD 4600, 16GB ddr3 and 256GB ssd..
I do some light gaming but main focus is for Cinema 4d, after effects and premier pro
Considering the really big price difference, which should I get?
I'd choose the i5 over the i7 simply because of the generation difference and it also looks like you do your work as a professional thus the snappiness would be a good thing to have when you deal with a dedicated GPU, DDR4 ram and an 8th gen processor at your disposal.