Jul 5, 2012
The GPU on the a10 is much better than the integrated GPU on the i5. I'd go with the a10. Good benchmarks, etc. Also it is a quad core, while the i5 is a dual core with 4 threads. The i5 will outperform the a10 in video-editing most likely, but overall I would go with the a10. It is most likely cheaper than the i5, right?
Depends on the purpose of the laptop. Games? Then you want to go with the A10 4600. CPU intensive programs? Then you want Intel Core i5.

To get a rough idea of the relative performance between the A10 and the Core i5, you can read the following review of the Trinity APUs. I want to make it clear, the comparison is for the desktop versions, not laptops. It is just a relative performance comparison. The actual performance of the Intel HD 4000 varies in laptop CPU models because the clock speeds will be different. I think there 6 different clockspeeds for the Intel HD 4000. Lower end model CPUs and low power consumption CPUs (ULV) will have the slowest versions. The Core i7 "QM" quad core CPUs will have the fastest version. The typical Core i3/i5/i7 "M" dual core CPUs will fill in the middle ground. The Trinity APU graphic cores' performance will also be tweaked down a bit to lower power consumption.