i7 840m a good combination ?

John Manjooran

Oct 24, 2014
I am planning to buy a laptop with i7 1.8 turbo upto 3hz . ram 8 gb . gpu 2 gb 840m . is it a good one . can i play all the games at high settings . also will it support dx 12 etc . how much future proff is it . thanks in advance .


Short answer, No. Detailed answer would be depends on what kinda games you want to play at high settings, if they are slightly older games like Civ 4 and such should be able to handle it at decent settings, but if you want to play newer games like CoD:AV, Civ: Beyond Earth, Shadows of Mordor, you're gonna be something else that's better. Also this laptop is moreso made for yesteryear, not this year or next year.

The i7 you're looking at is probably the i7-4500U which is a CPU made more for longer battery life, not gaming. If you want a gaming laptop the CPU imo has to at least be the i7-4700HQ and for Graphics need a 760M or better, a 860M or better, or a 960M or better. Models with the GT 765M should be getting cleared out over the past few months so if you're looking for savings usually those ones are on sale, they'll play most games on Med-High settings, should be good for most games for the next 2ish years. Ultimately 860M or better or the 960M or better will last longer but would end up costing a bit.

Lastly, even if some of these gaming laptops come with a ton of memory, as long as you have 8 GB, you'll be fine for anything.