id Software Purchased by ZeniMax Media Inc.

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Jan 7, 2009
Blizzard + Bethesda + id = ???

Betheda has done my favorite games, ES Oblivion and Fallout 3.
id is epic, nuff said.
Blizzard produced Diablo 1/2 (which I have wasted several hundred hours on), WC3 (which I've been playing lately, because the user base still supports the game heavily via custom maps), and WoW (which was amazong, brilliant, awesome, and more addicting than cocaine, but lacked support for hardcore players to keep them happy with the expansions).

Hopefully the two prove their might, and throw ZeniMax's money and skill with id's talent and epicness. Throw in blizzard, make it online multiplayer, and we have a new internet crystal meth.

Not open for further replies.