IE9 Official Release Thoughts?

With the official release of IE9, I was wondering what everyone thought of it in comparison to the beta or if this is your first time using IE9, what you think of it?

My first impression is its SPEED. It is quick, darn quick when it comes to loading basically any website, including Tom's and the forums. There are only 2 issues that I have with it: Lack of a native ad blocker and the lack of a spell checker. There are third party ad block solutions out there though, but I'm still working on finding a third party spell checker. Otherwise, it is a job well done by MS.

Here is a good review of IE9 (at least the beta) by jimmysmitty for more:

After reading this post, I opened IE9 which I had downloaded some time ago but never used. You are correct about the speed. Tom's is running much faster in IE9 than on Chrome. I think I will use IE9 for Tom's and for some other sites.

Thank you!

Rusting In Peace

Jul 2, 2009
I'd be interested in the actual timing improvement instead of the potential placebo of having shiny new software.

Not a dig at IE at all. I'm just skeptical of real world timing benefits. Personally I'd rather use a browser I like than one that can render the page 2 seconds faster.

Don't take anyone's word on anything! Just downpoad IE9 and let it run side by side with your favorite browser. This will be a good objective guide to speed and usefulness.

I noticed a big improvement in speed, and yes, Kevin is right, I already miss the spell checker. I hope this is added soon.
Even though this is a bit dated, another thought that occurred to me is a lack of add ons. If MS opened up a bit and let 3rd party developers work on some decent add ons like those seen with Firefox, for example, it would be a huge hit.