If Microsoft lets Starfield go to PS5, the console war is all but dead — here’s why


Dec 15, 2016
I don't think Microsoft cares about the console war, they are making (at minimum) $360,000,000 a month from game pass subscription and that's just assuming everyone is on the cheap plan.

Microsoft will continue to make a console because they are simple gaming devices that just work without the (sometimes) hassle of PC gaming but I don't think they care how many they sell which makes sense because game pass is legitimately the model of the future and Microsoft got there first and Sony would do similar but they legitimately can't afford to. They are already complaining about budgets on their AAA games which is why we see the quick offset the loss by releasing a remaster for a horror game (niche) that didn't do well but this time also put it on PC. I liked until dawn but I have no interest in beating it for like the 7th time for $60..

Anyways if I was Microsoft I'd keep games exclusive for a year, maybe 2 for SP titles. Then the real value proposition and reason to own an Xbox is game pass because on PlayStation those games cost money.

Plus this makes perfect sense for multiplayer focused titles. More players = more better and unlike everyone else Microsoft doesn't need to cater to the live service model because Gamepass is a live service and constantly growing revenue stream.

If I put myself in the mindset of me at 12 years old I can understand people's reactions but think deeper and ask yourself if it really matters because for $9.99 you get access to everything Ms makes and TONS more plus discounts on games and huge sales literally every week plus Xbox rewards.

Oh speaking of people should really take advantage of bing rebates. Before buying a game or movie or anything from Xbl go to bing, activate rebates and get 8% back plus reward points for everything you buy... Consider that 8% I discount that you get back in a few weeks then withdraw it to PayPal at anytime instantly.. it's ******* fantastic! I started off using it on Xbox stuff but now I check any time I buy something online lol. I got a huge 12% rebate on my rog ally thanks to bing. Take advantage people come on!

Also greenman gaming sells steam games for around 18% off for new AAA games like a month before release and often the week of release too. Only drawback is no refunds obviously but you can always buy on steam, test it then buy on gmg and get you 18% plus once you buy a couple games you get monthly coupon codes for another 2-4%. I just preorderd dragons dogma 2 and tomb raider remaster and I got 24% off... You can't beat that**** lol. I ramble when I'm tired, sue me.