I'm a personal trainer — these are the 3 best compound exercises for cutting V-shaped back muscles

Sep 14, 2023
I really, really hate to be that guy, but this article is non-sensical. I just do not believe that the person that wrote this is a certified personal trainer. Neither shrugs, nor back extensions will "cut" a V-shaped back. That also doesn't really track, you don't "cut" muscles. Nobody talks like that.

As if it wasn't already bad enough that 2 of the 3 exercises listed have nothing to do with obtaining a V-shaped back, 2 of the 3 exercises aren't even compound movements! In an article with "3 best compound exercises" right in the title, one would not expect to find mostly (2 out of 3) isolation exercises. Does the author not understand the difference between compound and isolation movements? I guess so, because the author also believes that shrugs target the delts as well as the traps.

I mean, Jesus Christ, the state of the fitness industry is just... you can literally write anything you want, no qualifications necessary. You can get the absolute most basic things wrong and still end up published on a website with tons of traffic, promoted by google, popping up on some guy's phone while he's taking a dump and forcing him to create an account on a forum just to comment on the absurdity of it all.