I'm looking to buy a gaming laptop which has individually upgradable parts, but I don't know what to look for.


Aug 31, 2015
So I have 500$, and will be getting a job soon, and so I'll have more $ later. But I need a computer for work/school/therapy... so I'd like to buy one now where I can upgrade the individual parts to be able to run the latest games at high quality.
I'd also get a desktop instead, and I know that would be an easyer build. but I really like moving around, and I'd like it to be mobile.. which is why I'd prefer a laptop.

So basically I'd like a finished laptop where I can replace the gaming things at a later time, (cpu, prosessor?) (it's my first time doing anything like this so I don't know the things... )

I'm very good at building so difficulty/dexterity doesn't matter
weight doesn't matter(even if it's 20 lbs)
I'd prefer it to look good.. like alienware
I play games like (heavely modded skyrim...(on ultra low settings because my current computer can't even handle HD cabbages), sims 2,3,4, assassins creed, 3 and up, ETC

and I have 500ish o start off with (I can earn more, save up a bit more) what computer should I save up for?